Warner Bros and Lego marching into Gamefi. And jointly launch the official Gamefi version of the Lego Worlds — the sandbox game features on open world, building and survival.

It is reported that, inheriting the sandbox construction style of “Minecraft”, “Lego World” launches the official version of GameFi.

It continues the game models of sandbox consturction, wild survival and cultivate charactoer, and it is the first large-scale multiplayer online land management module based on NFT and gamefi.

LegoWorld attracts global traditional industries thorough Gamefi-led metaverse. Currently, the global partners are included the Tax Free Germany GmbH – the world’s largest tax refund company, tourism company – Eastsong Gernamy, Dentown investment and RRR construction in Australia.

Lego World will team up with SANDBOX to bridging the metaverses. LegoWorld’s free movement mode has invited LucjanBiaszozyk & Zwngyi. Wang to join, who are the champion and runner-up of the European Table Tennis Championship

After the Greenland and Facebook, more and more traditional companies such as LEGO are trying to embrace the metaverse, accept Crypto and catch up with Web3. Showcase the excitement of the next era!

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