The NFT trading platform ERAX was officially launched on May 27th. The number of visits exceeded a million within 24 hours. Over 60,000 people from over 40 countries had joined the official Erax community.

Currently, the tender for digital works of art on the NFT platform is fierce. The first NFT pixel work by iPOINT has risen from 0.015 ETH to 1 ETH, which is still being advertised. The work “Compendium of Materia Medica” by the Air Foundation rose to 1,206 ETH. Currently, the highest bid on the ERAX platform has reached 2 ETH.

ERAX is a digital NFT asset platform. Users are free to complete casting and transactions on ERAX. The diversified transaction process can help with the needs of different users. “ERAX is not just a trading platform, we are a company whose goal is to establish a sustainable, high-circulation and secure platform for digital assets,” said the official spokesman for ERAX.

Several coalitions of digital artists from around the world have decided to publish their first NFT work on ERAX. A director of the Digital Arts Alliance said, “We think this is the best platform for us to explore the Asian NFT market.”

ERAX is preferred by three well-known blockchain investment institutions. Five exchange platforms that invite NERA to make its debut. Many insiders believe that ERAX will be the market leader in the NFT industry in Asia.

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