META FANTASY, a Metaverse technology company, announced today that it has partnered with Grayscale Asia-Pacific to develop a Metaverse and decentralized network in the Asia-Pacific region.

META FANTASY aims to take the Metaverse concept to the next level with its decentralized Metaverse project FantaVerse, which uses the BIGANT technology. BIGANT (Blockchain, Interactivity, Game, AI, Network, Token Economy) is a proprietary design and technology ecosystem of META FANTASY that works extensively for the development of the metaverse and realizes the elements of the metaverse, including decentralization, creator economy, everywhere, Diversity, economy & courtesy, virtual social, immersive and low friction.

META FANTASY has completed its economic and ecological modules and accelerated its technological development since the beginning of the year and made breakthroughs and revolutionary advances to this day.

Grayscale is currently expanding into the Asia Pacific markets and plans to invest and acquire companies in Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Malaysia. The Asia-Pacific region will be the center of its decentralized computing infrastructure and data centers to drive decentralized technological developments in the region. Grayscale-Aisia Pacific will also intensify the use of energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly mining technologies in the next two years and use blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, big data and 5G to bring about digital economies, distributed data storage, decentralized cloud computing infrastructure in the region .

As a strategic partner, Grayscale’s expansion and development roadmap supports META FANTASY’s vision of creating a decentralized metaverse that brings the virtual world to life and opens up the infinite possibilities of the metaverse. “We are confident that working with Grayscale will accelerate the creation and development of FantaVerse and become an industry leader in Metaverse technology and distributed networking. We will take the lead in the pilot construction of a decentralized network in South Korea, ”said Albert, COO of META FANTASY. In the first quarter of 2022, users can experience Metaverse products that utilize META FANTASY’s BIGANT technology.

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